WHO We are

Babina Tlou Training facilitates Skills development, Enterprise and Supplier Development programs and community projects. The organization aims to reach out to communities and SMME’s with the purpose to increase accessibility of opportunities, skills development support for small enterprises to their performance, productivity, growth, competitiveness and reduce small enterprise failure rate.

As an accredited training provider, our programmes are customized to meet the needs of the beneficiaries through mentorship, coaching and skills transfer.  We take pride in the quality of our products and services, while empowering unemployed people and youth in South Africa.

Babina Tlou’s team has extensive experience in human capital, community development, transformation including project management.  Babina Tlou leverage on past and current professional relationships with strategic partners to establish and assist emerging entrepreneurs, community projects and skills development of previously disadvantaged communities, unemployed youth and people living with disabilities.

Babina Tlou's wide and comprehensive portfolio of  education and training touches all segments of the  community this includes corporate clients with  specific skills training needs, individuals looking for skills.

As part of its future plans, Babina Tlou hopes to transcend borders to establish its presence in other countries based on the demand for the company’s  services in these countries, where  skills development is extensive.





To be a leading a skills development and empowerment in stitution

To provide a network that will facilitate growth and healing in organisations, and amongst teams and individuals through personal growth, leadership development and multiple skills development solutions.

Define, Measure and Realize to deliver the value of your investments.


We ensure we use the best methods, advice and tools that are fast and efficient in order to create a

robust change in the environment



Training & Development

● Accredited and recognized training provider

● Skills Development Facilitator and Accreditation services


● Registered learnerships and

internship programmes

● Computer and digital literacy





● Community upliftment projects and skills programmes

● Partnerships with communities and corporate stakeholders


● Corporate Social Investment and

   Socio-economic development

● Project Management and

   facilitation services



Arts, Sports & Culture

● Community engagement in arts

   and culture

● Rehabilitation and social integration programmes


● Career exhibitions, expos and

   talent shows

● Recreational activities including

   camps ,tournaments and boot camps


SMME Development

● Accredited and recognized training


● Skills Development Facilitator and Accreditation services


● Coaching

● Business Support



We are committed to investing in the future of our clients, employees and society. We want to leave a legacy of being the best possible supplier to our clients and enriching them through success. We want to continually build a stronger and more successful organisation by growing and empowering our employees to achieve financial freedom for future generations. We are committed to our society and ensuring that we continually touch the lives of people in a positive manner that will lead our company and country to a brighter future



The Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority, the “MICT SETA”, was established in terms of the Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998). The MICT sector is made up of five sub-sectors that are interconnected but also quite distinct and identifiable in their own right. These are:



 Film and Electronic Media


 Information Technology


The Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA) provides an environment to facilitate the training and up skilling of various employees and people involved in local government structures, as well as unemployed South Africans.


This entails creating and implementing a variety of skills development interventions such as, the Sector Skills Plan (SSP) and learning programmes aimed at local government employees and others working within the sphere such as traditional leaders and ward councillors.

FoodBev SETA’s function is to promote, facilitate and incentive skills development in the food and beverages manufacturing sector. FoodBev SETA is one of 21 sector education and training authorities (SETAs) across the economy mandated to put the National Skills Development Strategy

(NSDS) into practice.


FoodBev SETA is subdivided into 5 chambers:


 Baking, Cereals, Confectionary & Snacks (BCCS), Beverage Manufacturing, Dairy Manufacturing, Manufacture of Food Preparation Products Processed and Preserved Meat, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables



The FP&M SETA consist of 13 sub-sectors namely the clothing, footwear, forestry, furniture, general goods, leather, packaging, printing, print media, publishing, pulp and paper, textiles and wood products sectors. Although classified individually, the sub-sectors are closely integrated. Together they create tremendous value in the lives of consumers, by converting lumber, pulp, natural or synthetic fibres, animal skins/hides into finished products such as furniture, clothing, shoes, protective equipment, paper and paper board, printing (books, magazines, etc), industrial fabrics and extending into high-tech applications in many different industries

It was formed on the backbone of five former Industry Training Boards namely, Aerospace, Maritime, Road Freight, Road Passenger and Transnet Training Boards. These ITB’s were dissolved at the same time as the establishment of the Sector Education and Training Authorities.


Functions of TETA


 The development of a Sector Skills Plan (SSP) for the Transport Sector The implementation of the Sector Skills Plan through Learnership Implementation; Approval of Workplace Skills Plans; Allocation of Levy Grants; and the Monitoring of ETD activities in the Transport Sector Quality Assurance of ETD interventions. The disbursement of Levy Grants.

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